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In Arabic language it means he who converted to Islam such as The Messelmani family in Egypt who had established the Messelmani Fondation.There are few branches:In Syria especially Aleppo (Sunnite) ,In Lebanon in
Saida Family Al-Muslimani (Chiite),In Jordan,In Qatar ,In Oman and in Tunisia especially in Sfax ,Kelibia cities it seems that the Messelmani in Tunisia have their origin from Sicily when the Christian invaded in the 16th Century Sicily many Muslims together with the converts left and immigrated on the shores of Tunisia in Sfax and Mahdia ...Some historian speculate that traders from Aleppo on Caravan reached Sfax in the 18th century and established in Sfax .The common professions they are sharing is Trading,finance,arts ,printing and transportation etc...Today several Messelmani have emigrated to Europe especially France and Germany(probably from Tunisia ) others to USA from Syria and Lebanon.We find one family in Tokyo ,Japan...
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